Wednesday, January 5, 2011

welcome twenty 11


I can't say this year started out as calm and peaceful as I would have hoped, but it certainly has been busy. We rang in the new year with our neighbors in a fairly low key get together..then came Vince's 50th birthday celebration and then I finally got Christmas down and packed away. In a sense, I feel the year is finally "beginning".

I adopted Ali Edwards challenge of 'one little word' last year - where you pick a word in lieu of a list of resolutions. Last year my word was 'simplify'. I think I made great strides in simplifying my life although, I feel there is room for growth. This year my word didn't come to me as easily. Because I had such a struggle with depression this past year, I thought briefly of adopting the word 'joy'. Then because I am such a perfectionist, I thought I would do 'simplify' again and do it better! But one word kept creeping into my life in different ways and the word I feel finally chose me was 'grace'.

So, I will be excited to report back periodically and let you know how grace is shaping up for me in 2011. Pick a word for yourself this year - it's not too late and share with me! I would love to hear what speaks to you.