Thursday, December 18, 2014

Anchors Away!

After a busy show season, I decided to play with something in my studio other than canvases.  I pulled out my stash of clay and formed some fun bowls and ornaments.

Here is one such bowl.  I stamped an anchor into the center.

I took my Deco Arts Media fluid acrylic paint in Cerulean blue and painted a light coat.

After it dried, I took the Deco Arts Antiquing Cream and rubbed it into the bowl.

Oooh I just love the look and feel it gave the bowl!

On the back/bottom of the bowl, I took the same color blue and used Carolyn Dube's Diamond Wave stencil from StencilGirl Products and some deli paper to create a lovely pattern.

I sealed the bowl with a high shine acrylic sealer and it's ready for gift giving.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Got Scraps?

Well, I must say I originally wanted to call this post Scrappy Balls....but decided against.  Every time I say that phrase I start singing the Adam Sandler Lunchlady song and where he says "sloppy Joes" I say "scrappy balls"!!

Oh...I am so easily amused.

Anyway, I love to upcycle and  find new uses for old things especially those things deemed "trash".

Here are a few ways to take your craft trash and turn it into treasure and make a few cute ornaments in the process!!

Easy Idea #1

You know all those pieces of lace, ribbon, etc you trimmed off your sewing project, or package you wrapped?  Save those tidbits and shove them into a glass ball for a festive little ornament with hidden treasure!

For  Ideas #2 & #3, I used these balls (pictured below).

Easy Idea #2

If you paint like I do, keep those palettes with your "leftover paint".  Tear the paper into pieces and decoupage your balls!  I mean, make a lovely festive ornament! :)

I finished it off by rolling in glitter and tying a bow at the top.

Easy Idea #3

Scrap fabric?  Not enough to make something out of...just tear into strips and glue on to a ball for a lovely handmade ornament!

What do you think?  I love these festive balls - for hanging on the tree or tying to a package! 

Monday, November 17, 2014

Evolution of a City

Today I will take you on a tour of my city...Nashville.

Well, sort of.  I will show you how my cityscape painting of Nashville came to be through progression photos!

Here is where I began with my 24x48 canvas.

And this is where I ended.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

This painting will debut at my next show, Centennial Holiday Show, November 22-23. Hope to see you there.

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Thursday, November 13, 2014

A Little TAP and StencilGirl Make a Great Gift!

Welcome to the Lesley Riley Transfer Artist Paper & Stencil Girl Blog Hop! Whew...that is quite a mouthful! 

I used this wonderful product to make a special gift for a friend.  I took a photo I had of my friend with her brother and sister and printed it on my inkjet printer to the Lesley Riley TAP (Transfer Artist Paper).  I went ahead and used up the entire sheet by printing multiple copies.  

I then cut out one photo and ironed it on to a piece of muslin until I was sure the entire image had transferred.

I then cut another piece of muslin to paint on for the backside.

Quick REALITY Check: (just in case you were thinking this cleverly cropped photo above was of a neat desk...this one below shows the true story!!!) hahahaha! Just keeping it real!

Okay, so back to the painting.  I used this marvelous paint from pebeo paints ~ a iridescent silver.  I can not tell you how much I LOVE these paints ~ especially when I am creating Christmas ornaments and paintings! They make me sparkle inside!

So I spread the paint on the muslin, with some paper towels to absorb seepage through the back.

Then I took Lizzie Mayne's Art Nouveau stencil from StencilGirl and black paint to add a pattern and contrast.

This is what it looked like when I finished the back.

I sewed the two sides together, added ribbon and stuffed slightly.

I trimmed the ragged edges of the muslin with pinking shears and then added some "jooj" to make it pop!  I used some scrap ribbon and made a ribbon bow, glued it to the bottom of the ornament and added a little button.

 And there you have a beautiful, handmade special gift for anyone on your list!

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Here are links to supplies I used:

Pebeo High Viscosity Studio Acrylic, Iridescent Copper

Do you want to try TAP and StencilGirl stencils? We have you covered!! Just leave a comment and enter to win this FABULOUS pack that will get you started. All comments left on all posts are eligible to win! 

Keep on hopping along today and tomorrow with these lovelies!

Kirsten Reed -- that's me and you are here!


Thursday, October 16, 2014

A sneak peek at some new pieces...

Here is a quick sneak peek at a couple of my new pieces you can purchase at the City Farmhouse Pop-Up Show at 3090 Hillsboro Rd.

Show hours are Friday 9-5 or Saturday 8-3.  Early buying hours (requiring a $25 weekend ticket) are Friday from 9-12.

See you there!

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Owl Together

Been having so many owls pop up into my paintings lately...and I have just loved painting them.  I began to wonder why I am drawn to them.

I did a little research to see what meaning I could glean from their constant presence.  Owls were considered a symbol of status, wealth and intelligence in Greco-Roman culture.  They are nocturnal creatures and are thought to symbolize dreams, secret knowledge and foresight.  Because they are night animals they are thought to symbolize the ability to see through deceit and illusion.  The owl is also believed to be a guide to uncover your hidden potential and abilities.

Interesting little tidbits for my winged creatures!

I notice I like my owls a little plump and I try to paint their personalities in their eyes. Here are a few recent ones I have painted over the past few months:

Owl Together 30"x40" Acrylic on Canvas

Sweet Wisdom 10"x14" Acrylic on Wood

You are My Moon 16"x20"  Acrylic on Wood

Learn 6"x6" Acrylic on Canvas

Owl 18"x24" Acrylic on Wood

And these little 6"x6" guys who will be at my show this weekend!

Let's "owl" have a great week!