Thursday, May 31, 2012

 Recipe for Memorable Train Trip... PTA Day Four

It’s the “T” part of  our Planes, Trains and Automobile trip.  A long train ride from Denver to Sacramento, California. 

Take one crazy ride to train station (almost got lost), have oldest child use her high-tech phone to get you to the station;

Add in:
Four backpacks. (okay, and several carry-ons ~ I can NOT pack light!!)

Fold in:
Beautiful mountains, canyons and yes, lots of  “moons” along the ride (and I don't mean the kind in the sky)

Stir together:
Two sleeper cabins and two very silly kids

Mix in:
Lots of game playing and laughter.

Bake for:
30 hours of together time….you will get Memories that Last Forever. Serves 4.

Here are some photos that capture it all:

Monday, May 28, 2012

The Olympic Spirit...P.T.A (Planes, Trains & Automobiles) Continues

Today we made some time to visit the Olympic Training Center. It was an amazing complex with several gyms for training US athletes.  I found the video to be the most inspiring as you see these athletes devote so much time for one event, one day in hopes of a medal hanging around their neck.  The complex itself is impressive with several gyms and top-notch equipment donated by corporate sponsors for the athletes. They even have a cafeteria that serves food that has apparently beat out every Ritz-Carlton in taste tests.

Here are a few snapshots from our visit to the Olympic Training Center.

Future Olympic Soccer Star? :)

 Watch Out USA Bobsled team!!! Here come the Reed & Rush team!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

We hit the Peak...P.T.A. Day Two


After a relaxing morning, we learned a new card game, Aggravation and a fun dice game to play on the train. 

Then it was off to see Pike's Peak.  Here are all of us on the Cog Train that took us up to the summit.

At the summit ~ temperature was 34 degrees with a wind chill of 25.  Sarah and Ben were freezing and not loving it sooo much!

The view was fantastic.

And the famous homemade donuts ~ simply amazing.

We saw these little bottles of oxygen being sold at the bottom, so we decided to purchase one just for the novelty of it.  At $8 a bottle, we decided it was a rip off, but something we would probably never do again.  It looked like we were teaching our kids how to do drugs as we huffed in the oxygen!

Then it was off to the Rush's house (younger Rushes) to enjoy a cookout and honor Trevor's service of 20 years in the military. We were greeted with lovely homemade signs, treats and chocolates on our beds and our own chilled waters for hydration.

Our awesome host and hostess! Cheers!

A little Rockband after a long day!

 The whole gang in a group shot!

 It was a great Day Two...thank you Rush family for all the wonderful hospitality!

Saturday, May 26, 2012

And we're off... P.T.A. Day One

Let the crazy trip of a lifetime begin....Day One of our Planes, Trains & Automobiles (P.T.A.)

Our trip began with mixed emotions ~ excitement for our long-awaited adventure and sadness to say goodbye to our sweet "weekend daughter" and Sarah's best friend Amber.

We hopped on a plane to Denver. I felt like I was a contestant in the Amazing Race with my cool backpack. (Not so much with my purse, laptop and rolling suitcase full of snow clothing though!!)

After some sobbing at the gate, we all slept a bit on the flight and arrived to a warm welcome from Aunt Cindy. We journeyed to their house in the hills and enjoyed a wonderful homemade lunch.

Ben was excited about the extended loan of a digital SLR and snapped away from the time we landed. Plus he loved seeing the horses, he loves animals.

We met Banjo and Mandy. 

I think Mandy wanted us to stay and pet her longer, I think.
After visiting the horses, we ventured through the rest of the "hood" and saw llamas; Uncle Charlie even picked me a small bouquet of Colorado wildflowers. I am loving the orange ones. They are Indian  Paintbrushes. Cool, eh?

And then we ended the first day of our trip with a visit and toast from the younger Rushes. 
A perfect day.


Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Vintage Camera Collection

I have always wanted a vintage camera collection. One day, I envision my little art studio (finished with dry wall and full electricity) with a shelf along the top of the room to show off my amazing vintage camera collection.

I see it so clearly. Cameras of all sort ~ but old and really cool. I don't even care if they work. I just find them fascinating.

I have given this idea to my family for years as a gift idea for me. I never received one. I see them in antique stores all the time and although they are not expensive, I feel kind of guilty buying a $40 camera that doesn't work and I have no place to put. So I keep waiting to receive them as gifts.

No longer do I have to wait! My sweet friend Janice who came and spent time with me from Hawaii (okay she was really here for her daughter's graduation but carved out time for me too) bought me my very FIRST vintage camera. My collection has officially begun!

I am tickled to death every time I see it! It makes me think how cool technology is, how far we have come, how much this craft has changed and how cool my future art studio is going to look with a shelf of different vintage cameras!

Thank you Janice ~ love you!