Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Funky Junk & {me}

The last few months have been so hectic in my life, I couldn't even begin to explain it all.  Long story short, I committed to doing my first "show" and have been trying to get my business up and running.  I am an experiment in the works! I love, love, love to create but I kind of stink at the business aspects of it all.

That being said, the visions of sitting around creating all summer were popped and I realized I needed to do things like file with the state and federal government for tax ID, purchase things to build a booth, set up an accounting system, buy merchandising items like bags and signs, and the list goes on.

So the day is finally approaching ~ this weekend Sept 28-30, I will be showing at Bella Rustica.  This is an annual fundraiser show where people come to sell their "funky junk" ~ sort of a flea market on steroids.  It all benefits AGAPE Nashville.  Now, typically this is the kind of show I would love to come to as a customer, scouring through piles of old windows and doors and seeing potential in making something for my home.  Instead I will be one of the vendors, one of the minority vendors not selling furniture, but showing and selling my art to an expected crowd of 5,000.

If you love some funky junk and art, jewelry, clothing, etc. you should definitely make a trip out to the Milky Way Farm and come by my booth for a visit!  Yes, this farm was originally owned by the man who started the Mars Company.  Hence, all the horse stalls (aka booths) are named after candy bars.  I am in stall Mars (right next to Snickers)! :)

Check out the link to Bella Rustica and their facebook page too.  I have a feeling this will be a great event ~ regardless of my sales!  The organizers are friendly and I might find a treasure or two!

Here are some photos of my initial booth setup. I still have to add lights to brighten the place up a bit but they didn't have electricity running to my space yet.

Hope to see you there!!