Monday, October 4, 2010

RUSHing through Tennessee

It was great having the Cindy and Charlie Rush visit had been about 3 years since we passed through Colorado and got to spend time with them. They have known me since I was a baby as they are some of my parents' closest friends.

My kids were digging their RV and Ben declared that if given a lifetime supply of poptarts he could live there forever! (smile) My sweet 6-yr-old niece, princess that she is, declared the bedroom her "favorite room" and checked out the contents behind the closet door in case there were any fabulous shoes! :)

Vince dutifully performed the Civil War History tour with Charlie highlighting all the major historic sites and battles in the area. At night we laughed and enjoyed some games of Hand & Foot where the women spanked the men! Woo Hoo!

Hope to see them again soon. We just might have to plan a ski vacation out to Colorado next January with the kids!

xxoo kirsten

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