Monday, December 6, 2010

Problems with Peace

Today was just one of those days when I didn't feel much like a success. Not as a mom. Not as a wife. Not as a friend or as a business owner. I just felt like a big fat failure. I hate days like these and I spent quite a bit of time alone today trying to figure out why I feel so ..... YUCK. I believe that we are attacked on a spiritual level and this is a good way for the enemy to bring fear into our hearts instead of the truth and light, hope and promise that this season should be bringing. So much focus is on "what to do", "what to buy", "what to cook"....I think it makes me a little grouchy and anxious instead of peaceful and joyous. I think what really makes me feel the worse is that I allow these thoughts to take over where that peace and joy should be sitting. Double YUCK.

So as I embark on this busy holiday season of celebration, I will try and keep my focus upward and quiet my mind to things that matter most. I am not going to let fear make my decisions. I am not going to be persuaded by any marketing that I "need" something to make this season bright. I am not going to stress because it is December 6 and I haven't even thought of a Christmas card. I am not going to worry about what to cook, what to wear or what I still have on my "list of things to do"....I am just going to be the best Kirsten I can be and stay focused on peace in my mind, heart and soul.

Here's to peaceful days ahead for you too!

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