Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Around Here...

around here I am deeply entrenched in my new found love of mixed media art. Love the online tutorials provided by Christy Tomlinson of Scarlet Lime and am discovering my inner artist!

around here we have been trying to eat more organic, less chemicals and are considering buying a local grass fed cow.

around here we are watching Amazing Race: Unfinished Business and rooting for the cowboys again or the father/daughter from Kentucky.

around here Sarah is beginning trigonometry and not feeling confident.

around here I am struggling with the roller coaster ride of raising a teenage girl whom I love dearly, but dislikes me on most days because I have to parent her and most things I have to say she doesn't want to hear.

around here we have had a slew of rainy, gray weekends and we are all getting a little bit of cabin fever -ready for spring.

around here my niece lost her top tooth and she looks so different! It just serves as a reminder of how fast they do grow up!

around here Vince is home working here in his office without plans to go out of town for business for the first time in six weeks.

around here Ben is getting his permission slip signed to be allowed to watch the puberty video at school.

around here I have been on my knees and finding scriptural promises to hold on to when I feel I am defeated in life.

around here we are looking forward to a break from the routine and some time in the mountains for spring break.

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  1. A whole COW!! Don't you remember the Lucy and Ethel episode when she bought a HALF cow...had it cut up and then she got stuck in the freezer. Guess I know what is going in the basement....;-)

    I have spent all of Lent, meatless. I feel so much better and if I do start eating meat again it will only be little bits. Michael Pollen quote:
    Eat food; not too much; treat meat as a side dish. (By "Food" he explains that it should be something that your great grandparents would identify as food.)

    Eager to hear about the Vegan place.

    Love you cousin!