Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Around Here...

around here...we are enjoying "cooler" temperatures in the high 80s instead of the record-breaking heat we had at the beginning of the month.

around here...I have been perusing my cookbooks for new recipes to cook, made jalepeno hummus from our garden jalepenos, and canned pickles from our cucumbers.

around here...I am working hard to organize, brand and create a new look and website for Kirsten Reed Designs which I hope to launch by the end of August.

around here...I have been on a creative binge, painting almost everyday and loving my new creations (not always the case).

around here...Ben is getting ready to leave to spend 10 days with my parents (which he loves) and I will have 10 long days of missing him!

around here...Sarah has been busy with soccer tryouts and is nervous about making the team as the coach informed them he will have to cut about 1/4 of the girls. I am praying she makes it ~ it will break her heart!

around here...Ben and I have been working on our biggest puzzle yet, a 2,000 piece Coca-Cola puzzle. We are about halfway finished.

around here... there is already back to school emails in my mailbox and paperwork on my desk to fill out before orientations on August 1 and the first day of school on August 10.

around here...my office is in need of a desperate extreme makeover as I dodge piles on the floor of 'things to do'.

around here...Vince has been working and traveling as usual.

around here...I found out two more of my close friends are moving away and I am wondering what my year will look like without them.

around here...I am savoring my last few days of summer with my kids and trying not to be too busy with other stuff so I can embrace the moments.

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  1. Love your art and love your writing! I hope you're enjoying your summer as much as it sounds!
    :-) Sarah