Monday, November 11, 2013

Getting Seasoned...

My eyes have been bugging me for some time. I had them checked in college and was told I was slightly near-sighted....meaning I don't see things far away clearly. I had a pair of glasses I basically never wore.

Fast forward 20+ years later.  It is a problem I can no longer ignore.  Especially when driving in unfamiliar areas.  When I am looking for the turn on "Harrison Ave"...I basically look for the shape of what might be an H in the sign because I can't read "Harrison" until I am up on the turn.

Feel me? Yes, I am THAT driver who suddenly cuts you off because they can finally read the sign and THIS is their turn!!

So for the past TWO years, I have had on my things to do list "get eyes checked".  And this week I finally did.

Well thanks for waiting so long, I now have a bit more of a near-sighted issue AND the birthday issue. You know the birthday eye problem, don't you?  The one that makes your arm grow longer to read the back of the medicine bottle? :)

Translation: bi-focals. Yep.  Granny glasses. Not so happy.  They offered contacts but it just sounded weird to me and I didn't want the hassle of "letting your eyes adjust for a few weeks". They supposedly have these newer "transition bifocals" that don't look so "granny".

So here I am trying on glasses in the store...with my painty phone!

Not really digging the look. I am going to keep looking.  Any suggestions from you bifocal eyeglass people?  Frames that are cute and fun and don't swallow a person's face?  Would love to hear your thoughts!


  1. You look gorgeous!! Remind me of an actress I just saw on TV, maybe on Grey's? Anyway, those frames look KEWL on you!!

  2. Very intelligent... and certainly not a granny

  3. transitional lens...bifocals without the lines. Take a little getting used to but are worth the trouble.

    1. Yes, that is what I am getting! Thank you ~ check back and I will post pic of what I end up buying!

  4. got bifocal last year and hated the fact that this glasses tolt me i´m old secialy bec. i endet up with them all the time which was not my first plan... now i have progressive ones since two weeks and ithink i step back to the ugly bifo ones becaus i think they where much contortible more easy to get used to and after a while i was getting uset to be "old" one