Wednesday, August 13, 2014

I'm gonna be a rock star!

well, sort of...

Got a call a few weeks ago from a musician friend of mine from school.  He wanted to buy my painting, Peacock Dreams.  I was so thrilled and flattered, as I always am when I get that artist approval/affirmation from someone.  He proceeded to ask me if he could use it as his album cover for his album that will be released next spring.  Of course, I said yes!

Here is a link to his site ~ Brian Peet ~ for your listening pleasure! Be sure to leave him a comment and let him know you stopped by!

So although I am not a rock star, it kind of feels like it. :)


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  2. First off, your Peacock is just beautiful! I love the added touch of brown/deep red in the feathers!
    and then...OMGosh!! How cool is that?!!! I can't even imagine how excited you must be Kirsten!! Congratulations on such a sweet happening!! ")

  3. I agree with Jackie Kirsten! Love that peacock and all those amazing colors!! I think that is so awesome that you will be represented through someone else's creativity as well! God has a way to place like minded folks together for the good! Congrats to you on that wonderful blessing!