Thursday, September 2, 2010

Don't Despise Small Beginnings...

Well, for some time now I have played with the idea of writing a blog. Not because I think I have anything profound to say or share, but just as an outlet for me to purge all the things that run around in my brain on a daily basis.

I literally summarize my day mentally every night when I lay in bed. It takes me a good 25 minutes to actually fall asleep. So, the thought came to me that I should write down my little thoughts, share my ideas and see what evolves. I have big dreams, ideas and thoughts, but my beginnings are quite meager.

For a long time I pondered what to call this blog since I didn't have a "focus" for it and after many brainstorming moments I decided on Keystrokes & Kaleidoscopes. Here's why: The "keystrokes" is pretty obvious - it is a blog and the written word typed; plus I have a background in writing and hope to one day author children's books. The "kaleidoscopes" represents all the creative things in my life I have passion for - which change daily or weekly depending on my mood. Yes, I can be moody! When I think of a kaleidoscope I think of how it constantly changes as you turn it and as you stand in different light. So some days might be "mommy posts", some days I might share something I created in a scrapbook, other days might be my thoughts on friendship or tips for gardening. I just don't know. I wanted to leave a loose focus so I could just express myself according to the light and color of the day!

My good friend Denise (and great source of inspiration) told me as we sat and drank coffee the other day, "Don't despise small beginnings." And she is right. Every dream takes root somewhere. I have dreams of being a successful photographer, writer, mother, gardener, cook, scrapbook designer, artist, wife, friend.....and I could go on. But those things don't happen overnight. They evolve with little bits of water and fertilizer along the way; some pruning here and there; some sun and some rain.

I am excited to see what this blog evolves into and I am trying not to limit expectations or force success. Here's to lots of beautiful colors!

xxoo kirsten


  1. What an awesome start. Although I like to get this information first-hand, I love to read what you write. I love you and congratulations on a successful launch! CH

  2. What a beautiful beginning! and so well said. Thank you for the encouragement. (I'm new to this too). Best of luck to you. It'll be fun to see where this leads...
    PS - i found your link thru Zach and Jody's post. Your watches are beautiful.

  3. Kirsten, you are so multi-talented --a real inspiration! Love you cousin..