Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My ugly ducklings...

Everyone has things they have made that they don't like.  I have LOTS! Because I don't want to waste a perfectly good canvas, I took four canvases this weekend that I have deemed ugly ducklings and challenged myself to re-do.

Here are the four little things.  Bless their little ugly hearts!

Today I will show in a photo tutorial how I changed one ugly butterfly into a charming house.

Here is my butterfly gone terribly wrong.  I feel it needs explanation but all I really remember about this was wanting to incorporate texture. Hmm.

I stared at this canvas for awhile trying to creatively think of way to delete the ugly butterfly.  I don't know if you can tell from the photo, but the center of the butterfly is a strip of canvas that juts out on top of the canvas.

I finally decided to take some old dress patterns and adhere them with a gel medium to give the whole canvas texture, and "hide" the butterfly body somewhat.

After that dried I decided to use the body as a slant of a house roof top. I then tore some vintage wallpapers and started gluing down.

After I glued the papers down I just added paints, stamps, lettering and a key for the door! Voila!!

What do you think?  Challenge yourself to make something "old", "new" again!


  1. I love this. A completely new look. I am going to try to think differenty about my ugly ones!

  2. I had a 6x6 canvass that gorgeous texture all over it...but too much for that size of canvas...Isn't it funny how we focus on the texture and easily it gets overdone. THen regroup get a different idea in a few days and voila- it's a totally different idea.
    Thanks for sharing how to recoup from good intentions. Just nice to know it happens to great artists, too.