Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Proud Mama Moment

We interrupt regular blog posts to take a moment and brag on my son.  He doesn't like it and would rather me not, but I can't help it and feel it must be shared.

Ben was invited to take the ACT in the 7th grade because of his outstanding grades and academic excellence.  He did very well, scoring higher than 85% of other students in his testing period in three of the four areas. Keep in mind most of these are high school juniors and seniors with more math, science and english under their belt.

That was truly enough to make us happy.

Then, we arrived home from our vacation we found an invitation in the mail for him to be recognized for his achievement and receive a medal at Vanderbilt University in May. Sarah had received this same award and the whole family came out to cheer and support her academic excellence.

This year, however, they are only allowing ONE parent per student.  I am utterly appalled.  It's almost like they don't want anyone there.  If it were for sports, would it be different?  I simply don't understand it and therefore I am sharing via all the social media outlets possible to tell the world how proud I am for Ben!  I figure if we can't have a physical cheering section, we will have virtual one! :)

So if you can take a moment and would like to give him a virtual shout out in the comment section, I will let him read them.  Because I feel academic excellence is worth supporting all the time.

Thank you for listening to this Proud Mama Moment...now back to regular blog programming.


  1. Way to go, Ben! How are you at doing taxes? JK! {only a little ;) } Congratulations and keep working hard. You'll continue to you make your parents very proud!

    p.s. the "one parent" rule is just weird and silly. Not cool, Vanderbuilt.

  2. Way to go Ben!!!! I knew you were going to do great!!! You should be so proud of yourself. We are certainly proud of you!!! Sending a HUGE hug your way!! You are awesome!