Thursday, September 12, 2013

Mixed Media Floral

A quick photo tutorial for you today! Lots of colors, layers and of course, paint! 

I started with a reclaimed piece of wood (left over from my husband and son's fort building project this summer).  I glued tissue paper on it and stenciled pain over it with Mary Beth Shaw's Web Stencil available at StencilGirl Products. 

Then I added some torn papers and paint in a light green color.

I then took a dry brush and added some blue, cream and white paint to try and blend a unified background.  I rolled some of my favorite stamps over the dried top in various places for more texture.

I kind just stared at it because at this point I wasn't sure what I was making.  I then decided to a floral arrangement.  I used my palette knife and titanium white to create a vase.  Scraping hard enough to allow some of the background to "peek" through.

Then, I grabbed some vintage wallpapers and tore out flowers, glued them down and did a light white wash over them.

Then I took my paintbrush to add my own interpretation of the flowers while defining them somewhat.

I added layers of paint on top of the flower while not completely covering them. I still wanted the vintage part peeking through for interest and variation. Most of the "painting" here was done with a palette knife.  I also added in some leaves in various green shades.

I added some cream paint to the vase for dimension and shadows.

I also scraped the edges and parts of the background with blue and green to make the piece cohesive. 

Voila!  A bright abstract interpretation of a floral arrangement.  Sure are fun and happy aren't they?

Be sure to check back tomorrow for a super FUN blog hop with the StencilGirl design team! :)

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