Tuesday, September 17, 2013

My Sarah.

I love this kid.

She is smart, funny and silly.  She is kind and sensitive and cares about others. She makes me laugh and she makes me scream. She marchers to her own drummer, always has and always will.  

Her early years were easy.  She behaved, followed the rules, wanted to please.  There were few nuclear meltdowns for this toddler. She had a wild imagination and created the most fabulous characters never found in books.  She could whip up a gourmet meal in her 'kitchen' with a menu for you to choose from.  She was often shy around new people but loved adventure.

(a picture of us on her 6th birthday)

Now she is a teenager.  17 to be exact. A junior in high school. A defensive player for the varsity soccer team and tough....very tough.  She is no longer shy.  She makes friends easily and lots of them.  Her creativity can be seen in her writing, art and excellent arguing skills of why she should be able to (fill in the blank)!  She still craves adventure and loves to be "on the go. If I were rich, she would gladly hop around the world traveling with me soaking in new places, sights and tastes.

We are going into our fifth year of the parent/teen relationship. Often times I wish for the "easy" days. But I know it's part of the life cycle, where she needs less of me and is slowly discovering more of who she is and wants to become. It is often a painful and frightening journey for both of us, but I am pretty sure we are weathering it well with lots of prayer.

I see glimpses of a young woman, fiercely independent, more courageous and self-confident.  I reflect on the past and I dream for her future. I am proud of her. And I love her tremendously!

Happy Birthday Sarah Beara!

may ALL your wishes come true!