Wednesday, October 30, 2013

20 years ago...

this is what I was busy doing...

It seems like a lifetime ago to me. I know that is not what I am supposed to say.  But I think about myself at the tender age of 24 and I was a completely different person in many ways.  So young. So naive.  

A few random things I remember about this day specifically:

~ the weather was FREEZING and it sleeted (in Florida)
~ that bouquet was ridiculously heavy
~ The deacon who married us kept calling me by the wrong name and I laughed quite a bit up on the altar. 
~ I weighed 102 lbs (what????)
~ I loved my dress. Loved it and felt absolutely beautiful.
~ I was not nervous at all.

As I think of the life that we have lived over the past 20 years ~ moves, houses, birth of children, death of loved ones, promotions, retirement, new jobs, vacations, friendships, and just every day life with one another... it feels like a long time ago since this day.  We have had some wonderful times and it has not always been pretty.  But it has endured.

I have joked with my husband all week that if he "kept it up" we weren't making it to 20 years (even though we were days away)! We are just comfortable with each other that way.  

So congrats honey on making it to 20 with me, your impossible wife ~ love you!


  1. Congratulations on twenty years and may you have many more wonderful years together :-)

  2. Congratulations! Love the photos. Here's to MANY more years to come.