Sunday, October 6, 2013

Blessings from Abroad!

Back in April, my husband Vince and our best friend Ryan were fortunate enough to travel to Russia for mission work.  During their stay they were hosted by the a lovely Russian pastor and his wife Valery and Vera Eroshkin.

Imagine the surprise when we learned they would be in the United States visiting for a conference and would be stopping in Tennessee to see us!  We were so excited ~ especially Teri and I (the wives).  We had heard so many positive things from their time in Russia and their wonderful hosts, and now were finally having the opportunity to meet them in person.

They came with Rob Zapotoski, of Slavic Missionary Services, who served as their guide, coordinator and translator during their time in Tennessee.

We put out a big spread of food and enjoyed a wonderful evening of fellowship and sharing!  They were especially touched by the hanging of the Russian flag to greet them!

Thank you Rob, Valery and Vera for blessing us with your company! You are always welcome in Tennessee!

Here are some photos from the night.

Slavic Missionary Services helped Valery and Vera build their church and spread the Gospel to those in Russia. If you are interested in more information about the organization or donating please visit:

Hope you are having a wonderful Sunday!

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