Monday, November 17, 2014

Evolution of a City

Today I will take you on a tour of my city...Nashville.

Well, sort of.  I will show you how my cityscape painting of Nashville came to be through progression photos!

Here is where I began with my 24x48 canvas.

And this is where I ended.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

This painting will debut at my next show, Centennial Holiday Show, November 22-23. Hope to see you there.

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  1. Kirsten- this is gorgeous!! I love the tour of your city of Nashville! I especially love your moonglow and the reflections on the water!!

    1. Thank you Jackie! If you are ever in town, I will give you one in person! :)

    2. And I would love that! thank you! ")

  2. What an amazing amazing canvas you've painted! Your layering is masterful- creates such depth and texture!

  3. wow. it's like magic that you created your nashville skyline from an abstract start. I love it. I hope to see your skyline in person in the near future when I visit my daughter. She can't stop raving about it.