Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Got Scraps?

Well, I must say I originally wanted to call this post Scrappy Balls....but decided against.  Every time I say that phrase I start singing the Adam Sandler Lunchlady song and where he says "sloppy Joes" I say "scrappy balls"!!

Oh...I am so easily amused.

Anyway, I love to upcycle and  find new uses for old things especially those things deemed "trash".

Here are a few ways to take your craft trash and turn it into treasure and make a few cute ornaments in the process!!

Easy Idea #1

You know all those pieces of lace, ribbon, etc you trimmed off your sewing project, or package you wrapped?  Save those tidbits and shove them into a glass ball for a festive little ornament with hidden treasure!

For  Ideas #2 & #3, I used these balls (pictured below).

Easy Idea #2

If you paint like I do, keep those palettes with your "leftover paint".  Tear the paper into pieces and decoupage your balls!  I mean, make a lovely festive ornament! :)

I finished it off by rolling in glitter and tying a bow at the top.

Easy Idea #3

Scrap fabric?  Not enough to make something out of...just tear into strips and glue on to a ball for a lovely handmade ornament!

What do you think?  I love these festive balls - for hanging on the tree or tying to a package! 


  1. Love these and you've got that song in my head now too!

  2. Love your festive balls post Kirsten!! Great ideas and love that upcycling!!
    and btw...when I read the first part, I did not think of A.Sandler, but of SNL and Alec Balwin's skit~"Shweaty Balls" heeheehee
    Merry Christmas!

  3. These are always the best ornaments Kirsten. Love to see all your versions and I was thinking just like Jackie and thought of Alec Baldwin's silly skit on SNL. xox