Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Scrapbook Weekend Girls

Every year for the past 8 years in January, I pack up two bags.  One bag brimming with pajamas, sweats and other suitable lounging clothes and one with scrapbook supplies, photos, tools and several projects to complete.  I set out on a plane and head the east coast to meet up with some of the nicest ladies I know at a rented condo and we create! 

We started out scrapbooking die-hards but have branched into other things over the years.  There has been felting, digital scrapbooking, sewing, and jewelry making too.  This year we can add clay and quilling to the list as well some painting and stencil (thanks to yours truly!)

My friend from high school, Michelle, plays coordinator/planner/hostess with the mostest, and it is because of her I was introduced to all these wonderful women!  Michelle and I were both military brats moved to new high schools from Europe to Florida our senior year and immediately bonded as we survived our senior year together!  Twenty-eight years later, we remain close friends.


Meet Michelle.  And I know she is not happy about this picture, but look at how the light reflects on to the TV and makes her look like she has a halo!!  Michelle, our Angel. LOL!!

Meet Beth.
Beth and I are like sisters from another lifetime.  We instantly clicked and formed an immediate friendship.  She makes me laugh, this one.  She also lets me fly for free each year on a buddy pass! Yay Southwest!!

Meet Natalie.  Natalie is our expert on all things medical because she is a doctor.  A doggie doctor, anyway.  We always ask her the craziest questions and she is so patient and polite to us!  Natalie has a heart of gold and she is ready to google on a moment's notice!

Meet Amy.  Amy is that person you know who never says a mean word about anyone….not even celebs.  She is so thoughtful, witty and kind.  She is a great listener and makes a mean dirty martini!  Amy has brought us the most variation with crafts to our weekend and never ceases to surprise us with her talents!

Here are a couple pictures of what Amy worked on ~ clay and quilling.

Meet Kelly.  Kelly is Michelle's neighbor and the young mom of us all.  Although she probably isn't THAT much younger, she does keep busy as a CPA raising 4 young boys and she does still have a toddler, so she makes the rest of us feel a little old.  She is the quiet player ~ listening intently and ready to put us in stitches at her one-liners!

Meet Sheri.  Sheri is resident fitness instructor, mom of three and my OCD twin.  We both like neat and tidy so it us you will see organizing all the crap through out the weekend.  Sheri has an amazing sense of humor and continuously keeps us rolling with laughter from her stories!

And Me.  Crazy jokester. Keeping my EYE on everyone!  

Thanks for the great time ladies!  SEE you next year! ;)

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