Friday, January 10, 2014

Symbols in Art

I recently took a class from Danielle Daniel ~ a lovely lady and artist who I hope to cross paths with one day in person ~ I think we would be fast friends!   Anyway, during the class she talked about finding the symbols in your art or using symbols in your art that were meaningful.

Well it got me to thinking….what symbols do I include in my art?  At first I thought, I don't think I use symbols, but then after scanning just a few of my pieces, I realized I do use a few symbols fairly consistently - circles, words, hearts and ladybugs.

Circles (and swirly marks) ~ just because I love a circle.  Circles represent understanding (as in coming full circle) and wholeness, perfection, nurturing, infinity and completion.

Words ~ because my background is writing and I love the power of a good word. I especially love affirming words like "dream" and "joy"and "believe". I often write on my art and it ends up covered up with paint.

Hearts ~ They symbolize love, compassion, our true spirit and the intellectual core of the human spirit.

Ladybugs ~ these are special to me for a very personal reason.  My daughter Haleigh had the nickname of Haleighbug when she was alive.  Since she passed away I have ladybugs visit me quite often and I think of her bringing me little bits of encouragement. Ladybugs are considered a symbol of good luck in many cultures.

As I scoured over my pieces I began to notice some things I love to represent in my art, that I didn't even realize I was consistently put in or using as subject matter and they include: trees, butterflies, (dream, joy), birds, the moon, nature-related stuff (flowers) and the number 5.

Here are a few more photos of some symbols.

butterflies - symbols of expansion, grace, lightness, transition and surrender.

hearts and birds…. birds have lots of symbolic meaning depending on color, type and size.  I think to me they symbolize new opportunities and freedom.

music notes…I use this quite often!  The notes represent music of course! :)

Moon… I have always, always, always been enamored with the moon.  The moon symbolizes femininity, mystery, unknown, and serenity to me.

Look at your art ~ do you use symbols?  Are there symbols you would like to start using that are meaningful to you?

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  1. Thank you for this Kirsten! I use lots of circles and swirls in my doodling. xo

  2. thanks for the info Kirste, I just start with this to create

  3. Hummmm...think I'm going to start looking for symbols :) Beautiful work!