Wednesday, February 12, 2014

ART on the CHEAP

As much as I love buying new art supplies, and trust me I do, I also firmly believe in using things I have around the house and up cycling as much as possible.  So an old piece of mail might become background in a piece of art.

One thing you will see sold quite a bit in scrapbook stores are chipboard and scrapbook embellishments at a hefty price (compared to the cost of actual materials).  I decided to turn some food boxes (or water boxes) into some quick, cute embellishments ~ ready to go!

First take your old box.  I have used soda boxes, cereal boxes, etc.

Cut out the larger parts for bigger pieces or bookmarks.

Punch the scraps with your paper punches and make lots of cute shapes.

I painted all my pieces with gesso because I wasn't sure how I would dress them up.

Some I used washi tape on…. like this one below.

Here are some bookmark samples. I punched a hole in the top and added ribbon (not sure where THAT photo is) :)

I used some orange washi tape on this square embellishment.

Then I used Michelle Ward's Sphere Small stencil (from StencilGirl Products) and dabbed orange paint through.  Cute, huh?

Pull out your stash and dress up some "trash" to get that exact pop of color for your scrapbook page!

On these below, I used some of my stencils, wash tape and twine.  I tried to create varieties for a different feel and some dimension.

I found them to be GREAT add-ons for my  Project Life scrapbook cards.

Whatever you decide to do with them, you are probably more likely to take chances since it cost you nothing except for a bit of your time…so go PLAY!!

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  1. FANTASTIC!!! Love recycling and what you did with all your cuts and shapes. So cool. Thank you.

  2. Where do I get that beautiful washi tape?

    1. I wish I could remember where I got it. I just pick things up at different places or when they're on sale. Sorry! :(

  3. Great Project. I feel good when I am recycling in my art!!!!! xo

  4. Fabulous way to turn brown cardboard into artful goodness!

  5. Yep, I do this, it's a great idea & your recycled embellishments are gorgeous.

  6. Like minds R full of treasures.....I love using old cardboard and loved your ideas...FS1
    Keep creating....FS2