Monday, February 10, 2014

Time for a Do Over

I recently took a class from a well-known artist online, and while I loved the class, I didn't love what I painted.  It just wasn't me.
So I decided it was time for a do over.

I got the paint out and just randomly starting scraping paint over my girl.  It was quite therapeutic!

I added lots more layers of paint and paper and when I was finished, my painting looked like this.

I show this to encourage those of you who might paint something and really hate it.  Just paint over it ~ until it is something you love!


  1. LOVE this! There's hope for some of my paintings gone wrong, ha! Thanks for the inspiration, Kirsten! xoxo

    1. There is ALWAYS hope! You know how many of these paintings I have sitting around the studio waiting for a re-do?? LOL!

  2. What a GORGEOUS transformation, Kirsten!
    I really love it! Very inspiring!!

  3. That is the sweetest bird ever. I believe your girl must love being transformed into this colorful, happy little bird! Wonderful!

  4. Your do over is a WOW!! Love it!

  5. Love love love your do over!!! Fabulous saying too!

  6. I love this, too! I become so discouraged when I hate something, I start ripping layers off...LOL Now, I'll just paint over it.

  7. That's quite a transformation! I love the new painting.