Monday, June 16, 2014

Poem, Paint & Paper Towels

Yes, this is all about poems, paint and paper towels!  How in the world?  Well, I keep a paper towel close by me when I am working on a painting. I like to swab the brush on it before I rinse it in water.  This way the water doesn't get dirty as quickly and the brush gets cleaner.  

Because I often leave my mess (when in progress) over night, I came to my studio the next morning to find a beautiful paper towel all colored with my marks.  I couldn't throw it away and immediately set it on a 6x6 canvas with gel medium and molding paste through Lizzy Mayne's Bali Doily stencil at StencilGirl Products.

Now it sat there in My Lonely Tribe of Backgrounds for weeks.  But recently I pulled it out and painted some doodles on it.  I only had time to create something small ~ so it was perfect.

Around the same time, I was journaling with words from books and decided to take some words as my focal point for my beautifully abstract painting and I wrote a little poem

the glitter
exhaled an atmosphere of
from my lips

I sprinkled in some glitter ...

and set the painting with resin. See my previous post here on trying resin on your art.  This is the kind I used.

Here she is! Can you see the shine from the resin coating in the upper left corner?

Have a glitter-filled day!


  1. Best paper towel ever! And the poem - the glitter exhaled - that is such a fun image to put in my head!

  2. Just beautiful. Dud you do anything different with the resin this time?

    1. No Judy this piece was actually one of the pieces I did in my original experiment. :)