Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Creating Something New from Something Old

I love old "junk" and finding a new purpose for it! Of course, this means my basement is full of treasures I haven't quite figured out how to use yet! :) Last summer I fell in love with these tattered old windows that my friend Shawn was selling at her silo sale. Loved them! At first I envisioned them being used in my garden some how - perhaps a screen? some amazing ivy creeping through the broken panes? But I could never quite "find a fit" within my yard.

So they sat in my basement.

I pondered the idea of using them with photographs too but couldn't quite figure out how since the glass was murky, some panes completely broken and cracked. And placing a photo in each square was a little too "matchy matchy" for my tastes.

So they sat in my basement a bit longer.

After months of waiting, I finally got my hubby to move a piece of furniture that was on this wall to another room --- and voila! I developed my new vision for these windows! I am not quite finished ~ the rest will come with time. I have a couple of cool architectural pieces I want to intersperse between the photos and I really want to find the initial R in a funky (preferrably antique) finish. I will post some pictures as it develops into the "final" piece!

If you have any cool suggestions or links, please leave me a comment!