Wednesday, February 2, 2011

letting it go...

this is my office.

One day I hope for it to be a guest room when I can spread out in the basement, but for now I am cramped up here with lots of ideas and limited space.

My office is constantly in a state of disaster and when it is not, my kids walk in and say "WOW" out of pure shock. Since my scrapbook weekend, I have fallen behind on life. I now have new stacks of things to do and bills to pay. I have orders to fill for etc. designs. And I have piles of unfinished scrapbook projects to tend to and piles yet to unpack.


I am going to give myself a little on this "thorn in my side" this year. I choose to look at this room as the hub of my life that is in constant motion, creating, managing, working, and will thus probably never be neat and tidy. Grace.

Feeling better already! :)

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