Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Family Photo

I decided to adopt a new tradition for the year - to take a family photo once a month. Not necessarily a fancy or formal photo - in fact, I would prefer it not be! I just want to document "us" through the year, watch the changes and reflect on times we were together. Already, my new great idea has been derailed because we saw very little of each other - together - in January!! Gasp! I have pictures of 3 of us together - but not all four...and 5 if you count Raffy. Life is already moving at breakneck speed and I do not like it, Sam I am! I did enjoy an great weekend away on my annual scrapbook journey to the Delaware coast - brrr! Made some great memories while documenting those of my children's school years. When I came back, Vince left to be with his dad in Texas; then home for a night only to leave again to Atlanta for a national meeting. So when Vince gets home on Friday I plan to take a picture of all us - no matter how sloppy or sleepy - I am going to make it my mission! In the future, be on the look out for more monthly photos and a few words to let you know what is developing in our lives.

In other news...I am still designing jewelry for my company etc designs and came out with a line of Valentine bracelets that sell for just $15! I think they are quite cute! Business was great at the holidays and I am hoping things go as well this spring. I may even consider a craft show or two. Not sure!

This week I am planning on playing catch up in my office: hook up my new printer (actually try to get the new hooked up printer working); make some jewelry for a local bridal shop; purge my old magazines to the recycle without looking through them for hours; write some snail mail (I'd really love to create some handmade Valentine's!!) and journal all those pages I created in DE!

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