Thursday, January 26, 2012

Around Here...

around here we've been busy with indoor soccer, IHS fundraisers and basketball season.

around here I've been spending enough time on HOA issues, phone calls and meetings that it feels like a part time job.

around here we have had a sugar fast ~ sort of. Sarah gave it up for the month of January and I have cut mine back significantly.

around here we have a new neighbor and our entire family is in love with him! We had hosted a party to introduce him to everyone! xxoo for you sweet Maxim!

around here I have started drinking La Croix sparkling waters and love them!

around here Vince is going into his Mount Juliet office more and working from home less.

around here we haven't seen my brother in awhile as he opens a new Buffalo Wild Wings in Tupelo.

around here we have been playing more games as a family since the weather is mostly crummy, wet and cold.

around here I am trying get time in my studio to paint more and create.

around here we have had several "family meetings" about our big summer trip we have dubbed Planes, Trains & Automobiles.

around here we are looking forward to spring!

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