Monday, January 16, 2012

My Word for 2012

As many of you know or remember last year, my word for the year was GRACE. I needed a year of introspection, really examining relationships in my life, forgiving things in my past and even things in my present. I must say it was a word that was very tough to live out but I am glad I tried.

When the new year rang in, I had not yet decided on my word for 2012.

I had been wrestling with some feelings of sadness brought on by the holidays, a tragic accident in our town, and a death in our family. Because of those feelings, I felt more pressed than ever to live in the moment. Really grasp the taste and essence of everyday life ~ good, bad, and ugly ~ and just feel joy for having experienced it.

That is when I realized my word for the year would be EMBRACE.

I would like to in 2012:

~ love (my family, always)
~ laughter
~ friendships (old and new)
~ honesty
~ forgiveness
~ knowledge (learn new things)
~ success in my business
~ the world (ie: travel!!)
~ the ordinary every day moments that could be our last
~ books (read those books I've been wanting to read forever)
~ faith (not just praying, but living it out with actions)
~ giving (find ways to give that are meaningful every week)
~ life

I hope you will choose a word for 2012 and share it in the comments section with me. I would love to know what words are your focus for the new year.


  1. This is such a great way of doing a "resolution". But it doesn't surprise me, b/c you are all things creative and beautiful! Nice word.