Monday, March 4, 2013

All about Ben...

Just to re-cap where I have been...
No, I didn't travel, nothing exotic...just plain ole life coming fast and furious.

Mostly centered around the birthday boy.  This sweet kid is the light of my days ~ tender hearted, loving, funny, creative and super sensitive!  I could not have asked for a sweeter son.  It seems like a blink ago he was playing with trains and dinosaurs, now it's basketball and soccer.  He has a heart the size of Texas and has mastered some incredible manners that just make me a proud mama! Oh and did I mention how smart he is ~ a straight A student, got student of the year last year and this year was invited to take the ACT  with high school students and he scored in the 85th percentile in several categories! this kid. Welcome to the teen years my sweet son, please don't change too much!

My mom came for a visit ~ to surprise Ben for his 13th birthday.  And we had all kinds of celebrations to mark the milestone birthday!

Sarah did a unibrow and a mustache ~ had to include it ~ too funny that kid!!

He had a group of friends go to Sky High Nashville where they bounced and played dodgeball.

We went to Melting Pot in lieu of Sunday family dinner with the whole gang and ate our faces off.  Then his actual birthday we made his requested "surf & turf" meal, polished it off with a red velvet cake and then went to Sarah's soccer game.

I have lost track of the number of ball games I have been to in the past two weeks between basketball and soccer, but too many to count.  We went to Sarah's indoor soccer championship game, where they lost, 7-2 after being tied at half time. Boo.  Have you ever seen indoor soccer being played? It is a totally different game and strategy than outdoor, faster and slightly more violent.  I love watching her play because she gets mad and aggressive and tough.  It is one of those times, when I think, it's good that she is stubborn!

Last night Ben won his championship game with his basketball team, the Bulls.  Talk about a butt clencher!!! They were trailing the entire game ~ something they had not done all season.  In the 4th quarter they tied it up with 10 seconds on the clock.  Then they stole the ball back, shot, scored two more with two seconds left and they won! Holy moly! I was screaming!

They had their own cheering section....the LaCoste girls and friends.

And Ben's aunt Alicia and cousin Emma (and Tanner not pictured)

I think those cheers made all the difference!

Tomorrow we head to the county tournament ~ more games in our future, then outdoor soccer this weekend for both kids.

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