Monday, March 18, 2013

Through My Lens

This past week I have tried to pick up my camera a bit more to tell and document the story of our lives around here.  Here are some of my shots and peek at my life.

I made a couple batches of homemade chocolate chip cookies because the weather was cold and I have hungry teens roaming the kitchen all the time.

I caught my favorite little guy (not so little anymore) being silly and dancing and singing to his new favorite song, Carry On by Fun.  He actually asked me if he could play it over and over.  How polite. I never asked when I was a teen, I just kept hitting rewind and play!

Mixed in some usual house chores...laundry.  The never-ending chore.

Been perusing this stack at night when I kick my feet up.  Honestly I have been so tired, I have not read much at all.

We said goodby to our two puppies we fostered, Finn and Dakota.  They lived with us for two weeks and found lots of love and affection while visiting.  They also hid one of my favorite flip flops which I have yet to find.  Sneaky pups.  I received word that they safely arrived in their forever homes in Rhode Island.

And of course, lots of soccer.  Sarah, Ben, faithful friends and family who come out to freeze and watch and cheer! :)  

We attended the baby dedication of Alexandra Johnson...such a sweet thing and a real blessing to rejoice in!

Sunday dinner was at our house.  St. Patrick's Day is Sarah's 1/2 birthday. As she was growing up we would have a little cake or something to mark her "half" and instead of gifts she would find things of hers to donate.

We did dessert in her honor....a half of a cookie cake.

But her boyfriend Cody helped find use for the second half and surprised her in front of everyone.

 She said "yes".

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