Tuesday, March 5, 2013

To the rescue

The day after my mom left, I picked up two black lab/broad hair retriever mix puppies from our local dog rescue, Snooty Giggles.  Apparently, eight of these precious babies were dumped on her front yard.  So we took two to foster until they can find their forever homes.

Their official Snooty Giggles / names listed with the vet are Crummles and Woolwich.  But we didn't know this and our kids named them Dakota and Finn and that's what they have become known around our home.

They have been quite an entertaining force in our house, and our dogs Boomer and Raffy are not impressed.  Raffy has actually been better than Boomer, she just ignores them and does her own thing.  Boomer, however, has had his world rocked.

You can almost hear his little dog voice asking, "who are these kids and when are they leaving?  why are they playing with MY toys?" The first 48 hours with Boomer, he was constantly growling.  If they were in the same room as him, growl.  Walked by him, growl.

He has since accepted that they are staying for awhile and even engaged in playing with them on occasion, although I think he is really actually intimidated by them.

Here are some pictures.

Finn (aka Woolwich) playing peek a boo.

Finn (aka Woolwich) playing with Boomer and his toys.  Look at my living room it is like a dog romper room! Toys everywhere. :)

Finn and Dakota, just chilling together.

Dakota (aka Crummles) getting ready to catch up on some sleep.

Nap time for the pups!

Finn chewing on the gorilla he won.

Dakota (aka Crummles) outside for play time.

 Ben loving on Dakota.

Anyway, if you know of anyone who can give either of these precious fellows a home, please let them know.  They are both fun puppies full of personality and love!

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