Thursday, May 16, 2013

My Champions

Another end to a great soccer season with Vince coaching Ben's spring team.  He loves to coach these boys and feels he is investing time into them as well as showing our son his love.

These boys have grown up around Vince (literally ~ they are getting so big) and he has been able to serve as their coach since the elementary school years.

Last night was our last game...the championship game.  It was our blue Screaming Eagles against the "red" team.  They were a tough opponent last game but we beat them 1-0.  Last night they proved to be tough again.  We scored about halfway through the first half and led them 1-0 until the last five minutes of the second half when they scored and tied it up 1-1.  Our goalie, Josiah, played an outstanding game stopping too many goals to keep count! The one that went in was just one of those unstoppable "perfect shots".  Time ended and we went into overtime.   The red team scored first in overtime, time was running out and if we didn't score, game was over.  Time ran out again and we ended up losing 2-1.

Now, I must say I was quite proud of these kids.  They held their head up high, shook hands and truly complimented the other team on their great play.  No tears, no tantrums.  Trust me, they have come a long way since those elementary years.

They stopped and posed for pictures with their "runner-up" trophies and you just felt they were happy even though they were not named "champions".

A parent emailed Vince and cc'd all the parents his message.  I think he said it best:

Vince, I appreciate so much who you are and what you are to my son, Sam.

While he might not have a first place trophy on the mantle, there is an image of a champion in his heart and mind that looks just like you, and for a father of a boy (a boy who is still mostly afterburner and not enough rudder, yet),  that’s invaluable.

Thank you sir for a great year.  Alan Lennon

Well said.  I am proud of my husband for taking the time to coach these young men and proud of my son for growing into a champion of the heart!

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