Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Time with Dad

One of the reasons I love my husband so much is because he has a heart the size of Texas!  He is a very giving person and once you are in his very small, selective tribe, you are there for life.  He literally would do anything for those he loves.

Of course, being a dad, his kids have that extra special tug on him.  I like to joke around and sometimes call him "Daddy Big Fun" because he is a child in an adult's body...he is always looking to goof off and joke around and most the time we laugh, we are laughing at him not with him, but he doesn't care because he made us laugh.

Every day he plays a game of basketball with Ben in the driveway.  I honestly think Ben looks forward to this every afternoon ~ rain, cold, hot, tired ~ no matter, they play.

I love to sit out and watch them ~ Ben likes to show off for me when I do and usually makes some amazing three-pointers.  Both of them smack talk and joke around.

It's such a great thing and I am sure will be a great memory for Ben one day when he reflects on his childhood.  So I thought I would capture one of their games on film and post them for prosperity.

Ben trying to "juke" his dad.

Little smirk of success!

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