Thursday, June 20, 2013

Summer lovin'...

little tribute to Grease there in the title, which by the way, I made my husband watch the other night. My daughter and her boyfriend watched it too. I think the two guys were terribly surprised with my AMAZING Olivia Newton John singing and dancing impressions. Well, what can I say?  That was my movie back in the day!

So I am really loving summer mostly because I have been a painting fool.... just thought I would show you a few recent creations! I have just been experimenting with different styles and things I have been wanting to try.

This first picture is actually a painting of the red geraniums and bucopa planted in a pot on my deck.

The next picture is a canvas that had other stuff on it and has been sitting in my studio forever...I turned it into a colorful tree with a fun message ~ be weird!

This next piece is a girl I created with some wonderful gelli prints I created in Carolyn Dube's online gelli plate workshop.  Love that girl ~ she is a whole lot of fun and a sweetheart!

This piece was just a fun patriotic piece I made in time for the 4th of July. My husband lovingly took a photo of it and texted it to his entire list of friends because he loved it.  I received several orders for this canvas print and they should be in on Tuesday.  I still have 5 left that have not been sold ~ they are 16x20 gallery wrapped prints, ready to hang for $48 plus shipping, if you are interested email me at:

I have lots more to share but it is getting late so I am going to post and sleep!

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