Saturday, June 22, 2013

When One Must, One Can.

A friend of mine I went to high school with recently contacted me asking me to make her a piece of art with the phrase:  "When One Must, One Can".

About 12 years ago she found out that her first baby was to be born with Down's Syndrome.  She and her husband were more than a little shocked and overwhelmed by the news.  After a meal, she opened  her fortune cookie to find a piece of paper stating "when one must, one can".  It was a phrase they held on to in order to keep them going.

Despite being dealt a particularly challenging hand, they have survived and thrived and have two lovely daughters who are so blessed to have them as parents.

So, of course I was honored to make this piece for her.  I decided to a mixture of collage and paint in the background incorporating things that were special to their family.  Perhaps, hidden to the average viewer on initial glance, but more apparent as one studies the piece.

Here is the piece as it turned out.

Thank you Lisa and Todd for allowing me to create something so special for you both!