Monday, April 16, 2012

I pledge...

I pledge allegiance to my body that I will not eat lots of refined sugar, that I will exercise or move my body every day, that I will fit into my bikini without sending families shrieking in horror from the pool.

Well, I pledged something like that anyway last week along with my sweet friend and neighbor Teri and my husband. Teri and I are both in our early 40s and are beginning to understand the havoc hormones wreck on your body. I can no longer eat an entire box of eclairs and still lose weight. It is horrifying!

Not only that, I have to EXERCISE! Double horrifying.

Now, I have never been obese and for the most part of my adult life I have been a moderate "exerciser" going through periods of months running races or dancing, or something. But never because I HAD to. It is now required.

Although to see me you would not know I feel this way, but I have, as Bridget Jones said lots of "wobbly bits" on me. My intention is to firm up those wobbly bits and adopt healthier eating habits in the process, but it is hard. Overall, I have always eaten well, my mom never fried foods, rarely let us eat cereal besides granola, didn't drink sodas or Koolaid, and had very few "chip types" in the house. With all the information on food, hormone-injections, fake sugars, refined sugars, etc...I am just trying to weed out as much junk from our diets as possible without causing a complete revolt.

The one problem with me though is sugar. I love sugar. I love cookies. I love chocolate. I love a little something sweet at the end of each meal to signal my stomach ~ "the end". I don't drink sugar in my coffee, I don't drink sugar drinks, but I like my sugar fix.

I am starting to realize with this mini six week diet we are on that I am REALLY addicted to it. I have gone to bed the past two night dreaming of Girl Scout Thin Mint cookies. So much so, that when I wake up in the morning, I want to open a box and gorge on them while I drink my non-sugared coffee. :) This is not normal. So, I have decided to allow myself a little bit of sugar or else I am afraid I will be an epic failure with my self-inflicted Fit Pledge.

Any tips on keeping yourself from falling of the diet wagon ~ do comment! Also, if you have insight to the most effective exercises for women my age to trim down, let me know! Or if you just want to support me ~ write me a comment.


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