Tuesday, April 24, 2012

thank you

I find it's rare people actual back up their gestures.  Often I hear people say things like, "let me know if you need anything" or "I can help you whenever you need it"...but seldom get around to taking action.

Recently, I had to send off my camera and three of my favorite lenses. Because I LOVE to shoot just about everyday, it felt as if I had lost an appendage. I was stuck with my daughter's pink little point and shoot and frankly, I was depressed.

I posted about it on Facebook as I sometimes do about things that are on my mind, and a friend from my high school in Germany offered to send me an extra Canon they had laying around.  Wow! How nice. And he meant it.

Now this is a person I have not even laid eyes on in 25+ years. I mean, how does he even know I will take care of this equipment. Jim and I have reacquainted through Facebook and I am a fan of his wife's blog Maple & Magnolia. Susan is an amazing talent, clearly has an eye for design and restoration and I know if we were to be neighbors she is someone I would seek out as a friend.

So thank you to Jim and Susan Haskins for being impeccable with your word and generous with your actions. I am finding my time away from my camera much easier now that I have a "real" one to keep me company!

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