Friday, April 20, 2012

Mantel Re-do

So with the change of seasons, I always get a little twitch or itch or hankering for a new look in my house. It must be the military brat in me that desires a change of scenery because of a lifetime of being conditioned to move every 2-3 years.

I think the warm weather makes me want to clean, purge and freshen things up too. So, as the warm weather has pushed me into spring cleaning mode, I also decided to re-do my mantel decor, which was almost bare since Christmas. Seriously.

It is a little challenging because the wall our mantel is on is so darn tall!! I think 25 feet or so. It is hard to have a decent scale when the sizes are so, well, big. One thing I did want to do was to add some family photos, which I have never had on the mantel before. The other goal was to get rid of a pile of coffee table books that have been sitting on the floor. I don't want any piles on the floor.

So here is the very bare BEFORE photo with my dirty mirror and all:

This is in between when I was still playing around with my stuff:

And here is the AFTER photo with my semi-cleaner mirror:

I think it is better although I am not sure it is "done". I think I might add a large "R" in green moss to hang from top of the mirror. What do you think?

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