Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Make New Things, but keep the Old

I got a call from my good friend Michelle the other day.

She said, "Kirsten, I was out jogging and my neighbor is throwing away an old table. You should come by and check it out. It looks like something you would fix up and keep."

I was on my way home from a soccer game and decided "what the heck?".
When I arrived at the house, it was dark but I could see potential in this dilapidated thing. It was missing the center board and quite wobbly. It definitely needed some love.
Nothing a few nails, wood and some paint couldn't cure ~ so home with me it went!

Wow, Vince was surprised when he came back from his business trip and found he couldn't park in the garage because a 'piece of junk' was occupying his parking space. Nothing like a little incentive to get him to "help" me restore this more quickly! I had wood already cut and ready for hammering. I even had poison to treat the wood for any critters that I didn't want to take residence in my home. He sprayed and hammered. I cleaned and painted.

Here are a couple photos of the table BEFORE:

Here are a couple photos of the table AFTER:

I painted it a lovely shade of robin egg blue (not the official paint color by the way) and purposely went light to allow the old wood grain to show through. I wanted to keep the rustic character of the table so I painted in a flat finish and rubbed off a few areas. I painted the legs and base in a creamy ivory. I then used a light coat of polyurethane satin finish over the entire thing.

I am moving into my "art studio" to enjoy!


  1. Beautiful!!! Looks incredible!!!!!

    1. Thanks Mary! :) You will have to come to TN and paint with me on it!!