Thursday, May 24, 2012

My Vintage Camera Collection

I have always wanted a vintage camera collection. One day, I envision my little art studio (finished with dry wall and full electricity) with a shelf along the top of the room to show off my amazing vintage camera collection.

I see it so clearly. Cameras of all sort ~ but old and really cool. I don't even care if they work. I just find them fascinating.

I have given this idea to my family for years as a gift idea for me. I never received one. I see them in antique stores all the time and although they are not expensive, I feel kind of guilty buying a $40 camera that doesn't work and I have no place to put. So I keep waiting to receive them as gifts.

No longer do I have to wait! My sweet friend Janice who came and spent time with me from Hawaii (okay she was really here for her daughter's graduation but carved out time for me too) bought me my very FIRST vintage camera. My collection has officially begun!

I am tickled to death every time I see it! It makes me think how cool technology is, how far we have come, how much this craft has changed and how cool my future art studio is going to look with a shelf of different vintage cameras!

Thank you Janice ~ love you!

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