Thursday, May 31, 2012

 Recipe for Memorable Train Trip... PTA Day Four

It’s the “T” part of  our Planes, Trains and Automobile trip.  A long train ride from Denver to Sacramento, California. 

Take one crazy ride to train station (almost got lost), have oldest child use her high-tech phone to get you to the station;

Add in:
Four backpacks. (okay, and several carry-ons ~ I can NOT pack light!!)

Fold in:
Beautiful mountains, canyons and yes, lots of  “moons” along the ride (and I don't mean the kind in the sky)

Stir together:
Two sleeper cabins and two very silly kids

Mix in:
Lots of game playing and laughter.

Bake for:
30 hours of together time….you will get Memories that Last Forever. Serves 4.

Here are some photos that capture it all:

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