Saturday, May 26, 2012

And we're off... P.T.A. Day One

Let the crazy trip of a lifetime begin....Day One of our Planes, Trains & Automobiles (P.T.A.)

Our trip began with mixed emotions ~ excitement for our long-awaited adventure and sadness to say goodbye to our sweet "weekend daughter" and Sarah's best friend Amber.

We hopped on a plane to Denver. I felt like I was a contestant in the Amazing Race with my cool backpack. (Not so much with my purse, laptop and rolling suitcase full of snow clothing though!!)

After some sobbing at the gate, we all slept a bit on the flight and arrived to a warm welcome from Aunt Cindy. We journeyed to their house in the hills and enjoyed a wonderful homemade lunch.

Ben was excited about the extended loan of a digital SLR and snapped away from the time we landed. Plus he loved seeing the horses, he loves animals.

We met Banjo and Mandy. 

I think Mandy wanted us to stay and pet her longer, I think.
After visiting the horses, we ventured through the rest of the "hood" and saw llamas; Uncle Charlie even picked me a small bouquet of Colorado wildflowers. I am loving the orange ones. They are Indian  Paintbrushes. Cool, eh?

And then we ended the first day of our trip with a visit and toast from the younger Rushes. 
A perfect day.


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