Sunday, May 27, 2012

We hit the Peak...P.T.A. Day Two


After a relaxing morning, we learned a new card game, Aggravation and a fun dice game to play on the train. 

Then it was off to see Pike's Peak.  Here are all of us on the Cog Train that took us up to the summit.

At the summit ~ temperature was 34 degrees with a wind chill of 25.  Sarah and Ben were freezing and not loving it sooo much!

The view was fantastic.

And the famous homemade donuts ~ simply amazing.

We saw these little bottles of oxygen being sold at the bottom, so we decided to purchase one just for the novelty of it.  At $8 a bottle, we decided it was a rip off, but something we would probably never do again.  It looked like we were teaching our kids how to do drugs as we huffed in the oxygen!

Then it was off to the Rush's house (younger Rushes) to enjoy a cookout and honor Trevor's service of 20 years in the military. We were greeted with lovely homemade signs, treats and chocolates on our beds and our own chilled waters for hydration.

Our awesome host and hostess! Cheers!

A little Rockband after a long day!

 The whole gang in a group shot!

 It was a great Day Two...thank you Rush family for all the wonderful hospitality!

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