Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Be Kind Wednesdays

So, I have I had this thing the past year, probably longer, for performing random acts of kindness. Not that I am some kind of saint, but I really feel we are deprived of it and it doesn't cost a thing.  I enjoy spreading it because it helps it grow within me when I do.

I think our world is so dark and full of suffering at times, we all muddle through the days with our worries and struggles.  Whether they are big (death of loved one, loss of a job, divorce) or small (got a parking ticket, kids not behaving, exhausted) ~ they are our own struggles and we all have them. I wanted to bring a bit of "bright" to total strangers hoping I would make their day memorable in a good way.

Anyway, I started a couple years ago buying breakfast, lunch, coffee, for the person in the drive thru line behind me.  And it made me feel good.  And, other than the one time where the drive through attendant thought I was hitting on her boyfriend because I was trying to buy him breakfast, the gesture was well-received. (I am not kidding!!)

My kids started getting in the habit of asking "are we buying for the person behind us today?"...I started realizing I was teaching them kindness.  Kindness without recognition.  Just pure random, "I want to bless you" kindness.  I really loved doing it and I loved that they were learning too.

I had this thought, that we ~ everyone in the world ~ should just practice kindness.  All the time.  Not just around the holidays, but regularly. So I am going to make this a weekly post about Kindness. I am not sure exactly what I will post about ~ but it will have to do with Kindness.  Perhaps I will share stories of kindness I observe, how I performed kindness, or a quote on kindness.  Anyway,  I would LOVE for you share what random act of kindness you did on this post or anything else that is inspiring kindness.  Be creative in your effort to show kindness! Help spread the kindness wave by re-posting or sharing this on your FB page, whatever. Let's start a Kindness Wave! Woot Woot!!

Need some ideas to get started?

- buy coffee for the person behind you in line
- leave a note on a windshield telling some one you hope their day is great
- pay a total stranger a compliment (ie: "I love that hat!")
- let some one in when merging (I personally think we should do this all the time...too much road rage)
- pay toll for person behind you
- rake yard for someone
- donate books to library
- read books to children at book store
- return shopping carts from parking lot
- bring Fire Department coffee and doughnuts or dinner
- write a letter thanking someone who made an impact in your life
- pump someone's gas for them (think of the cold weather, elderly, etc)
- pick up trash
- leave positive comments on different blogs
- leave a generous tip

I hope these help you get started! I look forward to sharing with you and hearing from you!

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