Thursday, January 3, 2013

January Blahs

I  have to admit January is by far my least favorite month.

There is no fabulous holiday...unless you consider New Year's a fabulous holiday and I don't.  I almost never go out. It's just not my scene.  Plus my dog has a little freak fest all night while people shoot off fireworks.

My husband insists on making black-eyed peas that cook all day and make my house stink like sewer full of dirty diapers. (We have since compromised that he cook them in a crockpot in the garage) Now after 20 years together I have learned to like them, but I definitely don't love them and I eat them only once a year.  I can honestly say they have never brought me good luck, because statistically I have had as many good years as I have bad ones.  But I eat them anyway because it makes him happy (and I don't have to smell them).

The weather in January is cold and gray. Blah.  I don't like either. Everything looks dead.

Football season is over.  I really love to watch college football (the Gators and the Sooners) and unless they are in the championship or a bowl game, the season is pretty much over.

I always feel this pressure to make resolutions, clean, and fix everything wrong in my life. I spend lots of time crafting lists and then by May I am depressed because I have done little or nothing on said lists.

To make things worse, January has an extra day.  I really think it should take notes from February and follow suit.

I was feeling especially cold and blah today...dreaming of the beach so I painted this little scene. (It's only a 4x4 canvas).

Now I think I'll go back to bed and dream about waking up somewhere warm and sunny!

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