Friday, January 25, 2013


Last week was a crazy busy week, but a great crazy.  My sweet friend Michelle and her daughter came to visit us from Ohio.  They used to live here, became best buddies (me & Michelle)  (Sarah & Amber), then they moved away last May.  It's not often you find a friend who is "true"...there for you in all things, wipe tears, tell you what you don't want to hear, pray for you and with you, laugh so hard with that you feel like you did 1000 crunches -kind of friend. That's what we are together.

So they came in Wednesday and stayed through the weekend.  The girls had tickets to THE HOTTEST concert in Nashville this weekend ~ I am talking about Justin Bieber of course. So we had some fun playing downtown and searching for the perfect cup of coffee!

We did a little shopping.  The girls were picking out stuff that reminded us of the things we wore in the 80s....down to the ripped jean vests! :) I kept singing Madonna songs while they modeled their clothes. Ha!

Just me and Amber using our WonderTwin powers. :)

Hanging in my kitchen.

Glam girls being silly and entertaining.

Just total glam all around.  Faces and wardrobe. :) 

Taught Michelle how to knit and got her started on a potato chip swirl scarf. So therapeutic too.

Sigh. It went too fast.  Miss these gals already! 

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