Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello 2013

I have no idea how the last half of 2012 slipped by so fast, and I know people say it all the time, but I think this past year we really were moving at warp speed.  I mean Christmas didn't even seem to come at the right time of the year. So I am hoping that 2013 brings a little more sanity and normal pace to my life.

I haven't made any New Year resolutions or written down any goals.  Not that I don't have any floating around in my crazy mind, I do, but I want to carefully select what I do this year. I want to say "no" to things that don't align with my values.  For example, I would love to grow my art and photography business where I can write a check for my mortgage and pay it off (lol!!) but does that really fit with the things I value: such as spending more time with my kids especially as they grow older and will be leaving home in a blink of an eye?  So, what things will I say "yes" to and where will I draw the line? I am not sure and I am sure much of it will be decided by a higher power than myself!

Speaking of art... I spent much of New Year's Eve painting.  In fact, most of the day I jammed to some tunes in the solitude of my basement "studio" letting my intuitive side take over.  I had started a couple canvases in October after taking a wonderful online class from Flora Bowley.  However they were pushed to the side the past two months.  Flora teaches you to let your inhibitions go...which I have to admit is very hard for me at times because I am so "type A" in other facets of my life. But I admit, it feels soooo good!

Here is the first phase of my painting:

Then it turned into this (at this point I really thought maybe a fish diving into water or a tree):

After New Year's Eve, it was looking like this:

Here are some close ups:

I think I am in LoVe....with her.  She is how I would like to see me in 2013. (who chuckled when I said that?!!)  She is full of ideas, creativity, love, passion, imagination, strength, wonder, joy, and openness. Although she isn't quite finished, I love her because she is a reflection of how I feel and who I hope to be.  I hope you see her in me this year!

Would love to hear your vision for 2013!


  1. Kirsten - what a beautiful painting! You are absolutely, incredibly talented. Looking forward to seeing more of your creations in the coming year!