Tuesday, February 28, 2012

365 Project Week of Feb 19-28

Just an update on my "almost a photo a day" project!

February 28 - Today Sarah got her braces off!!! Woo Hoo! That girl could not stop looking at herself in the mirror! I think she forgot how she looked without them. With or without she is a shining beauty inside and out! Love you sweetie even though you are totally giving me the fake "just take the stupid picture" smile! :)

February 27 - Well with the fantastic warm weather of this weekend, I decided it was time to pull out the seeds and get my seedlings started. They will stay in these pots inside my bathtub where they can stay moist and warm until the last frost. I am trying to pare down my items (believe it or not). I have tons of work to do to prepare the soil before these babies can even go into the ground....but I keep motivated by thinking of all the fresh yummy salads I will be eating this summer - right out of my garden!

February 25 - My precious baby's birthday. We always sing happy birthday to our kids and bring them breakfast in bed with a candle to blow out. This year Ben was surrounded by his peers as they had spent the night the night before, so we sang to him at the table and it played it cool. I can't believe next year I will have two teenagers! Make them stop growing up so darn fast!!!
February 24 - Remember back in January when I took a picture of that amaryllis plant my Uncle Steve sent us for Christmas ...we here is the pretty thing all in bloom. She is gorgeous and so happy!

February 23 - Time to paint...just a close up of a girl I made jumping in a meadow!

February 21 - Just another in day in my sexy life of laundry washing. I don't really even mind doing laundry because I love the clean smell and the closets to be organized. What I can't stand is the fact that there seems to be a big black hole for my socks because I have more than 20 without matches! Here is a pix of the solo socks...sniff, sniff...they need a partner! PLEASE!

February 19 - We saw some snow and freezing cold weather. It has been such a mild winter that this is only the second time it has snowed. I know this means bad news for me with my allergies. I am just hoping I can survive it! Just two days after this photo it was in the 70s...crazy!

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