Saturday, February 25, 2012

Jewelry Update

I have been trying to create some fun new pieces of jewelry for my etsy store. I temporarily closed the store so I could "create" and then unload a whole bunch of fun stuff!! Well, I got busy creating and made some really funky pieces (lots of necklaces) and decided to post them to my Facebook wall to generate some interest before I placed them in the store and re-opened the shop. I ended up selling all but three pieces!

I know, what a great problem to have, right?! So now I need to get busy making some things so I actually have an inventory on etsy and at the local Mom & Me Boutique which is carrying some of my pieces. Here are some pictures of the pieces I made. Both bracelets shown are still available.

Thanks for your support! I really do appreciate it!!


  1. I didn't know you made jewelry!! It's GORGEOUS. I don't care WHAT you try to tell me, you are crazy-talented, woman!

    1. No, YOU are! :) I am so loving your paintings girl! I might have to drive up to Indiana and paint with you one weekend.....hmmmm! Wine must be part of the weekend as well! How fun does that sound??? :) Miss you!